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Everybody knows it is important for leaders to show confidence and competence. But only this is not enough. Why Vulnerability Leads to Great Leadership? Gerard Seijts, who is a Professor of Organizational Behaviour, a lecturer at Canada’s leading business school «Ivey Business School», guest lecturer at LvBS tells us about that.

What are the main mistakes that US startups make when they approach European market and what unprecedented opportunities have emerged as a result of the pandemic? You can read about it in «Stephen McIntyre» for «Harvard Business Review».

The crisis caused by COVID-19, like any other crisis, opens up many opportunities and possibilities, especially for education. Roksoliana Voronovska, CEO of LvBS Consulting, talks about online education, experience in creating distance learning courses and practical life hacks.

What U.S. Startups Get Wrong About Expanding into Europe

Stephen McIntyre U.S. software firms are the most successful companies of the 21st century. From software-as-a-service pioneers like Salesforce and Zoom to ads-powered giants such as Google and Facebook, software firms represent close to 30 percent of the S&P-500 index. But despite their ascendancy, these companies have an Achilles’ heel: they make costly and avoidable […]

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Why Vulnerability Leads to Great Leadership

  Simply put, followers want more than a strong leader. They also want to relate to the person in charge. So to be a good leader, you have to be okay with occasionally looking bad, or at least imperfect. You must be able to admit mistakes and accept help from others. As John Furlong, head […]

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